IES Solutions

steel stack Industrial Environmental Systems, Incorporated (IES) is a full service steel stack designer and supplier.  Whether you're looking for a complete solution or engineering and consulting to complement other resources, IES has a solution for your industrial pollution control needs.  Please Contact Us to find out how we can help with a cost-effective, efficient solution for you.

Steel stacks

Steel stacks are engineered by IES to provide the right metallurgy, linings, coatings, and other components to handle project-specific challenges such as high or low gas temperatures, acid dew point issues, or even shipping or constructability limitations. Often these solutions involve trade-offs in material selections and/or design parameters. IES-developed software enables us to evaluate multiple optional parameters which results in  highly optimized and economical design.

Tuned Mass Dampers

Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD's) have become an integral part of modern steel stack design. TMD's are the most useful and economical means of controlling structural vibration recognized by the ASME Steel Stack Standard. IES offers corrosion resistant, passive TMD's completely free from routine maintenance.

Stack Auxiliaries

Stack Auxiliaries such as lighting, ladders, access platforms, etc., are integrated into the final design to complete the project. IES can provide guidance in determining regulatory requirements such as FAA lighting and OSHA approved access systems. In addition, we often supply supply ductwork support steel and expansion joints when required, for a fully engineered and integrated system.

Design/Build Services

IES engineers are registered professional engineers licensed in numerous states across the country. Our engineers are also members of the major technical organizations related to our field of expertise. These include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the International Committee on Industrial Chimneys.

Contact IES for assistance with your exhaust system requirements. Our highly automated design tools allow us to quickly assist you in meeting your steel stack system requirements.