125’ Stainless Steel Ash System Vent Stack And SS Duct (manifold)

North Carolina Utility
Project Overview: 

This NC utility was required to collect the discharge from six (6) ash system vacuum exhausters near grade, and vent above surrounding structures.

IES performs design/fabricate/install contract.

Technical Specifications: 
  • 2’ dia 304 stainless steel flue to 139’

  • 3’ dia carbon steel outer wall to 93’

  • Spiral strake vortex shedding spoilers

  • Stack braced to building @ 57’ and 97’

  • Total stack weight 18,000 #

The challenge of this project was the install.   Extremely limited access meant that the stack must be lowered in place from above, in one piece.

To accomplish this, the 18,000#  139’ long load must clear a building height of 70’, then reach more than 220’ laterally before lowering to foundation can begin.

Install is accomplished with a 550 ton hydraulic crane.

Initial pick is facilitated by a 70 ton hydraulic tailing crane.