About Industrial Environmental Systems

Steel Stacks by Industrial Environmental Systems, Inc.Industrial Environmental Systems (IES) is an Atlanta, Georgia, based stack and duct system designer and supplier with offices in Opelika, AL and Charlotte, NC. Combined, our engineers have over a hundred years of application and design experience with ductwork, stacks, dampers, expansion joints and support systems.

IES was founded in 2001 by Steven L. Reid and his brother Charles B. (Chuck) Reid.   They chose the name Industrial Environmental Systems to reflect the company’s broad range of interest and application. We enable our customers to save the time and effort of  "completing their system,” so they can focus on the details and intricacies of their own processes and expertise.

IES has developed an industry-wide reputation as the leading full service steel stack designer and supplier. Our scope includes various types of steel stacks and auxiliary equipment, such as access steel, FAA warning lighting, silencers, dampers and ductwork. We are the industy leading designers and suppliers of Tuned Mass Dampers, which have become an integral part of modern steel stack design. In recent years we have expanded our offerings to include engineering as a stand-alone service. IES utilizes IESSE, RISA-3D, STAAD and ANSYS to design a variety of stacks, liners, ductwork and structures. IES can perform tasks including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), heat transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

IES has successfully worked with major industrial and institutional customers such as General Motors, Florida Power and Light, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, New England Fertilizer, Aalborg Industries, Century Aluminum, Burns & McDonnell, American Cyanamid, Ashland Chemical, Pratt & Whitney, Yale University, Kettering University, Pennsylvania State University, Elementis Chromium, Westvaco and Celanese Chemical.

IES’ engineers are registered professional engineers licensed in numerous states across the country. Our engineers are also members of the major technical organizations related to our field of expertise. These include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the International Committee on Industrial Chimneys.