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Optimized Design and Engineering from the Industry Leader in Steel Stacks, Ducts, Dampers and Silencers

Industrial Environmental Systems provides air pollution control, heat transfer and noise abatement solutions. We specialize in precision engineered ductwork, stacks, dampers, expansion joint and support systems. IES systems are engineered to optimize performance by assuring that structural and performance standards are met or exceeded with the most cost effective choice of design and materials. We use advanced computer design techniques to provide optimum solutions to complex projects. The result for you is maximum performance at minimum cost.

IES Works the Way that Works Best for You

IES engineers work with your team to complement your skills and experience, and to provide the exact services and talent you need to complete your project. With over a hundred combined years of application and design experience, our engineers work to your performance specification, providing the exact mix of services you require.

Industry-Leading Design Tools

IES also can provide engineering services for your project. IES utilizes IESSE, RISA-3D, STAAD and ANSYS to design a variety of stacks, liners, ductwork and structures. IES can perform tasks including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), heat transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In order to quickly and accurately design steel stacks, IES has developed custom software called IESSE (Industrial Environmental Systems Stack Engineering). IESSE can be used to model a variety of stack configurations. IESSE can use multiple design codes and utilizes internal FEA to check stresses, frequencies, mode shapes, dynamic stability and fatigue capacity. IESSE is the most complete and comprehensive stack design software developed to date. Learn more...

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